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We support Educational Institutions as they develop health/wellness coaching programs onsite (often as part of their student retention program or employee wellness programs) or bring wellness coaching content into their curriculum. Universities partner with us, learn our training curriculum and have our support as they move forward with accredditation.  They gain a quality health coaching curriculum, approved by the ICF, NBHWC, CHES, ACSM, Nurses, CDR. Along with quality training for their faculty. This program prepares Colleges/Universities to the quickly changing health coaching world with assurance that they have the best and on the cutting edge.

Our intent is to support the growth and development of the profession of wellness & health coaching and we see universities playing a significant role. Being a leader in the field we have decided to allow Colleges/Universities who have followed our processes to utilize our trademarked content free of charge once they are NBHWC approved.


  • Universities / Colleges will gain the materials, health coaching skill set, skilled faculty trainers, and a program path forward that will prepare them to apply for NBHWC approval.
  • Faculty Trainers will be able to identify and demonstrate solid health coaching skills.
  • Faculty Trainers will know how to implement the Real Balance Health/wellness coaching program
  • Faculty Trainers will demonstrate the ability to teach the Wellness Coaching curriculum

Step 1: Faculty = Trainers (Skill Development)

  • Wellness & Health Coach Certification class (40 hours)
  • Masterful Health & Wellness Coaching: Adanced Skills & Craft (20 hours)
  • Trainer Event (20 hours)
  • Co-teaching - Mentoring (Over time)

Step 2: Real Balance will assist with Program Development

  • Design that fits the University schedule, uses our content to meet NBHWC requirements.
  • Set up of Administrative Processes for certification, student evaluation, etc.
  • Marketing – reaching markets

Step 3: Access will be granted to:  

  • Trademarked, copyrighted content & curriculum
  • Student Materials (Manuals, Tools, Workbooks, Healthy Living guide, Complementary Theories Guide)
  • Teaching Materials (Presentations, Handouts, Schedules)
  • Yearly Updates

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