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The International Coach Federation was founded in 1995.  In 1996 Dr. Arloski began his training as a professional life coach after decades of clinical work as a psychologist.  Having been involved in the field of wellness since attending the world’s first wellness conference in 1978, he quickly saw that the field of lifestyle improvement (wellness & health promotion) could benefit from the way wellness could be individualized through the application of the core competencies of professional life coaching.  Real Balance began offering its classes to people around the world through live, fully-interactive webinars, and through live, intensive trainings.  Since then, the growth of the wellness & health coaching profession has been meteoric.  Real Balance trained not only independent coaches, but the employees of disease management companies, EAP’s, major insurance companies, and other organizations.  As the profession grew, evidence of the effectiveness of wellness coaching grew along with it.  (See our resources page). 

To help establish standards and credentialing for the field Dr. Arloski helped co-found the organization that we now know as The National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC).  This led to the approval of qualified training programs and the development of a national examination for certification.  At the same time the field of Lifestyle Medicine began to recognize the vital importance of health behavior and the utility of coaching as a means to implement its lifestyle improvement recommendations.  Real Balance brought wellness coach training to Brazil, Ireland, the U.K., and most recently to China, in ongoing efforts to improve health worldwide.  Real Balance training has helped with community building in underserved locations such as East Palo Alto, California.  Recognizing the growth of academic interest in wellness coaching, Real Balance is partnering with colleges and universities to help them develop courses and gain recognition and approval from the NBHWC. 

Real Balance Global Wellness continues to provide you with the highest quality of training to develop your CRAFT as a health & wellness coach.  Become part of our COMMUNITY and contribute to our CAUSE of making the world a healthier place.


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