Wellness Mapping 360°™ "Wellness & Health" Coaching Model

1.Real Balance Certified sealA Health and Wellness Coaching model developed by Dr. Michael Arloski, author of the book Wellness Coaching for Lasting Lifestyle Change, that gives health and wellness professionals a framework that provides a systematic way to work with individuals making positive and lasting lifestyle Change.

There is a lifestyle aspect to all health challenges and lifestyle improvement is much easier with allies. For many people their success at lifestyle change is largely determined by how well connected they are to a supportive culture of wellness around them. Healthcare and wellness professionals with wellness coaching skills can effectively guide their clients towards the lifestyle changes prescribed by the physician. The Wellness Mapping 360°™ certification training provides a structured, proven methodology that effectively supports the individual’s movement toward healthy lifestyle change.

These coaching processes work by 1) helping individuals recognize the impact of lifestyle choices on their health, 2) helping people understand the benefits of change, 3) identifying the barriers to change, 4) building skills and providing tools to people, 5) helping individuals realize the need to take self-responsibility for their decision-making and behaviors, 6) helping a person build the self-efficacy and self-care skills they need to effectively self-manage their improvement objectives, and 7) insuring follow through and change with effective accountability methods, 8) and supporting and celebrating positive change. Wellness Mapping 360°© is a model structured to provide both support and measurable outcomes.

360 methodology

  • Assessment & Exploration
  • Personal Wellness Map
  • Accountability & Support
  • Evaluate Progress
  • Measurable Outcomes

The Wellness Mapping 360º™ "Wellness & Health Coach" Certification

A training designed to teach health & wellness professionals to be wellness coaches. Blending the best from the wellness field with the practical and effective skill-base of coaching, Wellness Mapping 360º™ gives wellness professionals a framework for measurable success. It is a systematic coaching process, based on behavioral change psychology, human motivation, solution-oriented therapy, and professional coaching competencies. It is a holistic approach grounded in practical application. Participants learn how to motivate and support people make lasting lifestyle change.

Training Outcomes:Changeatalllevels

  • Participants gain a foundation in wellness concepts and understanding of the impact of lifestyle on health and wellbeing.
  • Increase the effectiveness of an organizations personnel in their work with clients determined to be "at risk".
  • Participants will demonstrate proficiency in the Wellness Mapping 360°™ framework for wellness coaching and the use of the WM360 tools.
  • Participants will demonstrate knowledge of and the ability to use "Readiness for Change" to support a clients forward movement.
  • Participants will demonstrate in-depth knowledge of "Wellness Coaching skills and their use in Medical Compliance"
  • Participants will become proficient in the Wellness Mapping 360º™ framework for wellness coaching and the use of the materials and tools.
  • Participants learn how to create an effective wellness map / plan to move a client from reflection to action using the laser approach
  • Participants will demonstrate proficiency in the Wellness Mapping 360º© framework from prevention to recovery
  • Participants will understand the role of wellness coach in Lifestyle Medicine
  • Participants will demonstrate knowledge of "Readiness for Change" as it applies to major health challenges and the impact of grief on the process.
  • Participants will demonstrate in-depth coaching competencies in support of regaining or maintaining health and for medical compliance Participants will understand their role in various health and wellness organizations.

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