Wellness Mapping 360°®Wellness & Health Coach Certification

The Wellness & Health Coach Certification core training is a 40 class hour certification (+ 8 self-paced hours for AHNA approval) program designed for the participant who wants to add wellness / AdobeStock 93288478health coaching skills to their existing professional education. The Wellness & Health Coach Certification Training Program is a deep, interactive training opportunity delivered either live on location, or via interactive webinar. The program is designed to train and certify health, fitness, mental health, HR, EAP and wellness professionals as wellness and health coaches. Completion of this Certification path - Certifies you in the Wellness Mapping 360°® method of wellness and health coaching.



Professional Wellness & Health Coach Certification Path - ICF Path (10 -12 month plan) 

AdobeStock 93288478While the Real Balance core Wellness & Health Coach Certification training program provides core skills to help wellness, health, HR, and coaching professionals become competent health and wellness coaches, this advanced Level 1 program gives coaches a path to masterful coaching and accreditation with the International Coach Federation. The Professional Coach Path is designed to assist students who desire to deepen their coaching skills and gain additional credentials as well as work as Professional Coaches. 



This path is comprised of 4 classes: acsth

  • Wellness Mapping 360°®Wellness & Health Coach Certification - 40 in class hours (6 self-paced hours)  48 Level 1 hours
  • Masterful Health and Wellness Coaching:Advanced Skills & Craft ( 20hours - 28 Level 1 hours)
  • Group Wellness Coaching (28 level 1 hours)
  • Mentor Coaching (10 Hours - 5 small group and 3 individual sessions)

If you are interested in this path, please make an appointment with the office (866-568-4702) to go over the process and be assigned a mentor.


 Professional Wellness & Health Coach Certification - NBHWC Path

This path builds on the core skills gained in the Wellness & Health Coach Certification training by providing health and wellness professionals a path to become professional health and wellness coaches. This advanced program gives coaches a path to masterful coaching and the ability to gain accreditation with the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC). The Professional Wellness & Health Coach Certification Path will deepen your coaching skills and better prepare you to work with clients with health challenges and in the medical setting.

This path is comprised of:NBHWC Seal ATProgram 450x123

Wellness Mapping 360°®Wellness & Health Coach Certification (40 hours)

  • 40 hours of interactive in class learning (8 self-paced hours) afterglow 3538594 340

Healthy Living and Chronic Illness (15 hours self-paced)

Masterful Wellness and Health Coaching: Advanced Skills & Craft (20 hours)

  • 20 hours of interactive in class learning
  • Personal Skills Assessment (PSA)


For Information or to Register 866-568-4702

 What You Will Be Able To Do As a Certified Wellness & Health Coach

Behavior change starts in the mind and heart, and you will learn to help clients develop the open and positive mindsets, a heartfelt vision, and lay 0202 groundhog day top five animal forecasters 600 full 380down the building blocks necessary to navigate the challenging path of changing or even transforming lifestyles.

You will learn how to create a profound coaching relationships by talking less and helping your clients find their own answers and create a wellness plan that will guide them to lasting lifestyle change. Our coaching methodology integrates wellness and health promotion principles, skills, methods, and tools of coaching psychology which draws from many domains including positive psychology, behavioral psychology, the transtheoretical model, motivational interviewing, appreciative inquiry, social psychology, relational cultural theory, adult development (constructive development), and social cognitive theory/self efficacy, and is consistent with the International Coach Federation’s core coaching competencies.

You will be able to:

  • Use coaching skills, tools, and processes in all client/patient interventions (individual or group) in consumer, corporate, health plan, hospital, physician practice, or health-club setting
  • Be confident in calling yourself a certified wellness coach and certified health coach and use our certification seal.
  • Use the Wellness Mapping 360 "Tools for Healthy Living" to collect, assess, and help clients manage their health by creating a wellness plan with built in accountability and support.
  • Work with your clients in a holistic manner leading to life satisfaction, health risk reduction, greater physical activity, mental and emotional fitness, better nutrition, stress reduction, and weight management.
  • Apply evidence-based coaching skills and outcomes measurement
  • Guide the development of client visions and wellness plan while following evidence-based national standards
  • Track, evaluate, and adjust a client’s coaching success using the latest techniques
  • Empower your clients to establish and sustain a higher level of wellness than they can do alone!
For Information or to Register 866-568-4702

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