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As healthcare reform in the United States marches forward with unprecedented emphasis on wellness and prevention there is a growing optimism filling the health amaphiker-adirondacksnd wellness field. Finally we are hearing congressional leaders and the White House addressing the behavioral nature of health with recognition that our American lifestyle is THE primary driver of the cost of healthcare. Wellness and health coaching stands ready with a model for behavioral change that holds great promise. http://www.healthreform.gov

Astonishing Noncompliance: Understanding Readiness for Change in the Health Challenged Client. by Dr. Michael Arloski

prescription hand-offWorking with clients around medical compliance and adherence to the lifestyle prescription is the place where Prochaska's "Readiness for Change", Elizabeth Kubler-Ross's "Stages of Grief ", and Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs" all intersect. What we, the caregivers often fail to understand is that when a person has experienced a truly life changing event, like the onset or worsening of a health challenge they feel a loss of control that may threaten their safety, they experience grief at the loss of health, ability, or dreams, and often need to redefine their identity.
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YouTube Video What is Wellness Coaching? Wellness and Health Coaching explained by Dr. Michael Arloski. This video shows you how wellness coaching helps people succeed at lasting lifestyle improvement. See how wellness coaching is becoming an important part of both prevention and helping people with health challenges to be as healthy and well as possible.Enjoy it, use it and pass it on!

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A Wellness Book Review

The Blue Zones: Lessons For Living Longer From The People Who’ve Lived The Longest.
bluezonesbkDan Buettner and longevity scientists, with backing from National Geographic traveled around the globe to places were centenarians were a radically disproportionate part of the population. The journey starts in Sardinia, jumps around the world to Okinawa, studies Loma Linda, California’s Seventh Day Adventists, then dives into the jungles of Costa Rica gleaning commonalities of not only the “long life” but the vigorous, happy and healthy one too. Buettner and his crew found that in these little isolated pockets wellness for the over a lifestyle was done a bit differently in each setting, but all shared ways of living that we all need to emulate. Much of it comes down to nine recommended actions that Buettner calls “The Power 9”.
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2009 Wellness Mapping 360 - 2-day Certifications On Location


National Wellness Conference
WM360 - NWC Preconference Training

July 18th & 19th 2009
University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point



Miramont Lifestyle Fitness Center

September 25th & 26th (TH/Fri)
December 11th & 12th (TH/Fri)

$975.00 - Registration fee includes course manual, digital toolkit, the book Wellness Coaching for Lasting Lifestyle Change, snacks/drinks daily, and full use of the beautiful Miramont Lifestyle Fitness Center.

“Train the Trainer” Certification Training A Certified WM360° Trainer may train others in the Wellness Mapping 360 Wellness Coach Model either within their organization or in partnership with RBGWS.

  • Live in Colorado October 1st & 2nd (16 hours)
  • Webinar format 10/27 - 11/19/09 (12-2 est T/TH)

Rewarding Healthy Behavior - In the Wall Street Journal, Safeway Inc. CEO Steven Burd, talks about some of the programs that Safeway has put in place to promote wellness and as a result lower health care costs.

“Safeway's plan capitalizes on two key insights gained in 2005. The first is that 70% of all health-care costs are the direct result of behavior. The second insight, which is well understood by the providers of health care, is that 74% of all costs are confined to four chronic conditions (cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity). Furthermore, 80% of cardiovascular disease and diabetes is preventable, 60% of cancers are preventable, and more than 90% of obesity is preventable.”

Read the entire article Wall Street Journal, 6/12/09

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