Mentor Coaching (Individual)

Mentor Coaching (Individual)

Mentor Coaching with Dr. Michael Arloski. Masterful Health Wellness Coaching 1

Be mentored individually by ICF Registered Mentor Coach Michael Arloski, Ph.D., PCC, NBC-HWC. Dr. Arloski’s more than three decades of coaching experience combines with his pioneering work as one of key architects of the field and health & wellness coaching.  His company, Real Balance Global Wellness ( ), has trained over 15,000 coaches worldwide.  Profit from his experience reviewing hundreds of coaching recordings and training thousands of people to be the best coaches they can be.  A founding board member of the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching, Coach Michael is the author of Wellness Coaching for Lasting Lifestyle Change, 2nd Ed., and Masterful Health & Wellness Coaching: Deepening Your Craft

Whether you are pursuing your ICF credential, the NBC-HWC credential or just taking your professional development to a higher level, individual mentor coaching will give you the specific feedback and support to increase your competency and become more masterful.

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"My experience with Coach Michael Arloski for mentor coaching was truly a game changer in helping me improve my coaching approach and it elevated my skill set well beyond what I thought I might get from being mentored. I'd been a professional coach for 9 years already with various coaching certifications, but as a solo-preneur with a private coaching practice, I couldn’t see my blind spots nor the patterns and pitfalls I'd created, but with his expertise, support and thoughtful feedback, each time we met, I walked away with tangible things to practice and new ways of supporting my clients better. He’s kind, highly skilled and fun to be mentored by. If you’re considering a mentor, Coach Michael is who I would select if I were you! You won’t be disappointed."

Rusti Quarles, NBC-HWC

"Coaching with Dr. Arloski has been a wonderful experience. As a National Board Certified Coach and an ICF credentialed coach, I was searching for someone in expertise from both domains and Dr. Arloski went above and beyond what I hoped for!

 Under his mentorship, I became aware of my own coaching patterns, which deepened my practice. I learned how to blend questions, active listening, and reflections effectively. I also realized the value of incorporating more mind/body awareness for myself and my clients.

Our mentorship went beyond him giving feedback on my coaching, it involved him generously sharing his knowledge and nurturing a strong bond. It was a safe space for me to develop my authentic strengths as a coach and work on areas for further growth.

I've grown not only as a coach but also as a person, with each aspect enriching the other:)

Thank you Dr Arloski for your invaluable guidance!"

Sidrah Mohyuddin, BDS, ACC, NBC-HWC


"Dr Arloski mentored me for 10 sessions because I wanted to improve my coaching skills.  I sent him the Mentor Coaching Prep form and a video of a coaching session before each meeting.  Preparing for the meetings was in itself helpful as I was more intentional with how I was coaching and gave me time to reflect on sessions in an introspective way and gave thought to specific topics we had discussed in previous meetings."
"Dr Arloski is encouraging, insightful, specific with ways to improve and he shared stories that were memorable helping me apply different coaching tools.  I very much value the time he offered and the great lessons I gained as a result of the time spent together." Ann Stradar

Simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call 1-866-568-4702 to find out more information and to schedule your individual mentor coaching experience today.

For assistance or more information call 1-866-568-4702 Toll Free or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Class Date 03-11-24
Class End Date 07-31-25
Cut Off Date 07-31-25
Individual Price 1,600.00
Location Webinar

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