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In this Update we invite you to explore how health and wellness practices can become a greater more joyful part of our lives. All the evidence points to the power of laughter and joy as both motivators and healers. This is important for each of us to remember personally and also as we support others on their wellness journey. As seen in the video below we could use our ingenuity to make it fun!!! A big Thanks to our friend Andy Wood, Director of Ergonomics and Corporate Solutions, MUVE inc for sending us this video of wonderful creative experiments launched by Volkswagon. Get out and move and make it fun!

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October 16, 2009 from 12:00 to 12:30 Eastern Time - Recordings will be archived on the IDWellness siteistock_000007927672xsmall

Michael Arloski, Ph.D., PCC, CEO Real Balance Global Wellness Services llc, will present on Understanding Readiness for Change in the Health Challenged Client.

We've all been baffled by the person who, upon experiencing a heart attack, a new diagnosis of diabetes, etc., does little or nothing to improve their lifestyle, or even to comply medically on an even basic level. Why on earth do they not change their health behavior when doing so is absolutely vital?

Working with clients around medical compliance and adherence to the "lifestyle prescription" is the place where Prochaska's "Readiness for Change", Elizabeth Kubler-Ross's "Stages of Grief ", and Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs" all intersect. Learn how to draw upon these foundational theories to use a coach approach to move the person through this dangerously stuck time in their life into the actions that will improve the course of their health challenge for the better. To register for this free webinar click on the link below!

Astonishing Non-compliance – Understanding Readiness for Change in the Health Challenged Client


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Through the NWI webinar series, participants receive access to information from some of tnwilogohe most highly respected individuals in the wellness field without leaving their home or office. Atte ndees gain practical information to enhance both their careers and their personal wellness. The NWI offers a broad range of programming in all dimensions of wellness.

Michael Arloski, Ph.D., PCC - NWI Webinar 11/19 11am - 12pm Central

Wellness and Health Coaching – Competencies For Healthcare and Wellness Professionals

Program Description

When a healthcare or wellness professional works with a person who wants to improve their lifestyle a shift in mindset and methodology is required if lasting behavioral change is sought. Dr. Michael Arloski presents an intriguing webinar sharing eight areas of competency that the person functioning as wellness or health coach needs to acquire. Working in his unique combination of the holistic and the behavioral Michael will share the psychology of coaching and outline a methodology that works.

Moving far beyond health education or disease management, Michael will demonstrate ways in which the wellness coach can operate from a coaching mindset, create an effective alliance with their client for change, provide the “facilitative conditions of coaching” and demonstrate key coaching skills to forward momentum. We will explore how to increase competency at exploration, visioning, and increasing motivation. We’ll take it all forward with real action planning and ways of ensuring success through accountability and tracking behavior to produce “well outcomes” that everyone wants to see.

Dr. Arloski will also share his theory of “Astonishing Noncompliance” and how to
coach the person who is facing a major health challenge and yet baffles us with their reluctance to change health behavior.
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