Mindful Self-Renewal

$32.00 each

Mindful Self-Renewal

This one-hour self-directed course provides 1 NBHWC, CHES, ACSM, Real Balance continuing education credit.

Cost: $32

Renewal is a mindset and an intentional practice that counterbalances the effects of stress. It allows us to recharge so we can live with vitality and zest, rise to challenges, and experience a deep sense of wellbeing.

Stress is not a new topic, but we now have a broader perspective based on findings from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness. This course offers a new understanding of stress along with micro-practices that can be engaged on the spot – in the moments of our lives when we most need them.

Renewal practices are relevant to every client, regardless of their area of focus. Not only does renewal support wellbeing, it also supports clients’ ability to find clarity and stay on track with their goals. This course includes a Mindful Self-Renewal Worksheet with information and reflective questions that provide the foundation for bringing renewal into the coaching dialogue with individuals or in a group coaching setting.



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