Creating Goals That Come Alive

$32.00 each

Goals are sometimes eclipsed by all that’s happening around us, and yet now more than ever, it’s all the more important to set goals; to chart a course that supports intentional change – even in the midst of these challenging circumstances.  
Real Balance Global Wellness Services and Embody Change Coaching are partnering to offer a new one-hour course that may change the way you think about goals – and the way you approach goal-setting with clients.  
The focus of this course is on Creating Goals that Come Alive.  It’s a chance for you to: 
—Tap into the creative force that brings about growth and change
— Energize the conversation around goal-setting
— Breathe new life into recycled goals 
— Build greater inspiration and challenge into the plan

It’s also a chance to anchor the learning in your own self-discovery as you bring more vitality into your own goals.  
This self-directed course provides 1 NBHWC continuing education credit.  The cost is $32  

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