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Certification Paths

We offer 3 certification paths and the best one for you would be determined by your education and background as well as what you would like to do as a wellness/health coach. Our program is modularized and the Foundational class for all Paths is the Wellness & Health Coach Certification class. 

Wellness & Health Coach Certification (40 hours)

The Wellness & Health Coach Certification core training is a 40 hour certification program designed for the participant who wants to add wellness / health coaching skills to their existing professional education.  Completion of this class certifies you in the Wellness Mapping 360ºModel® of wellness coaching. The Wellness & Health Coach Certification Training Program is a deep, interactive training opportunity delivered either live on location, or via interactive webinar. The program is designed to train and certify health, fitness, and mental health professionals as wellness and health coaches. This Certification is the foundational class for all certification paths.  Registration Fee = $1,595.00

Professional Wellness & Health Coach Certification – NBHWC Path (6 months) This option begins with and builds on the 40 hour core class. Following the wellness coaching competencies set by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) in the areas of coaching structure, coaching process (coaching relationship, communication and techniques), coaching ethics, and health and wellness, the Professional Wellness & Health Coach Certification path is intended to meet the standards set forth by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC). Once you receive your Professional Wellness & Health Coach Certification from Real Balance , you meet the training requirements to apply to sit for the NBHWC Certification Exam.  Upon passing the National Board Exam, you will become a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), giving you an elite credential and expanding your employment opportunities.

The registration for each class on the Professional path would cost around $3,000.00 and when we bundle it into the Professional Wellness & Health Coach Certification path it is $2,640.00. 

The classes bundled to create the Professional path Include:

  • Wellness & Health Coach Certification (40 hours) $1,595.00
  • Healthy Lifestyle & Chronic Disease (15 hrs self-paced) $250.00
  • Masterful Wellness & Health Coaching: Advance Skills & Craft (20 hours) $995.00
  • Personal Skills Assessment (PSA) $200.00

Professional Wellness & Health Coach Certification – ICF Path (10 / 12months) This option begins with and builds on the 40 hour core class

While the Real Balance - core Wellness & Health Coach Certification training program provides core skills to help health professionals become competent health and wellness coaches, this advanced 1 year program gives coaches a path to masterful coaching and accreditation with the International Coach Federation.  Students on the Professional Coach Path deepen their coaching skills while gaining advanced credentialing.  If you are interested in the Professional Wellness & Health Coach path just let me know and I can send you more information.  The registration for each class on the Professional path would cost over $4,800.00 and when we bundle it into the Professional path is $3,800.00 and we offer a 10 month payment plan. You would be given a Mentor to work with you to create your plan and be your touch stone.

The classes bundled to create the Professional path Include:

  • Wellness & Health Coach Certification (40 hours) $1,595.00
  • Group Wellness Coaching (28 hours)$1,090.00
  • Masterful Wellness & Health Coaching: Advance Skills & Craft (20 hrs) $995.00
  • Mentor Coaching (10 hours) $995.00

Registration: You can register either online or by giving us a call at the office - 866-568-4702 or 970-568-4700. We do our best to answer the phones between 9:00am - 5:30pm Mountain time and if for some reason you catch us on the line helping another student we will give you a call back quickly. 

Save with early bird discounts and by registering for the core Wellness & Health Coach Certification classes by the early registration date! We will give a Military family discount just ask and we will work with you to gain the MYCAA funds if you are a military spouse or partner.

Payment Plans: Payment plans are arranged individually with a credit card on file and though we do not charge a fee for this service we do not offer the early registration discount with payments plans. Payments need to be complete prior to completion of the program and certification.

Group Discounts:  A group  discount of 15% off is offered when 3 & 4 people register together or from the same organization. We also offer a 20% corporate rate when 5 or more from a company register for classes and a 25% off corporate incentive when 10 or more people register for a training. If you have more than 10 people to train let's talk about bringing a trainer to your work site.

Refund Policy: Although we hope that you won't need to request a refund, we understand that you may need to withdraw from the training program or may become ill. You may cancel your Health Coach & Wellness Coach Training program registration at any time, and may receive a refund as detailed below.

  • You must request program cancellation and refund in writing, by mail or email prior to 10 days before the start of the class or training.  Any applicable refund, will be determined by the date the request is mailed, or sent (if requested by email).
  • You may receive a full refund for cancellation, when requested 10 days prior to the beginning of the class and before the materials have been sent. If a credit card was used to purchase the class a processing fee will be deducted and the remainder will be refunded. 
  • When needing to cancel your registration after 10 days prior to an arranged training, we will gladly bank your funds until you can register for another class. (within two years)

*If for some reason Real Balance GWS must cancel a class a full refund or movement to another class will be offered. If you need to withdraw from a Professional Wellness & Health Coach Certification – NBHWC or ICF Paths we will refund you for the classes not begun.

 Missed Classes and Lack of Completion Statement:(illness or any reason) All classes are recorded for future viewing and posted on the class forum. You are allowed to miss a maximum of 3 classes or 6 hours in the foundational 40 hour class and in other classes allowed to miss 2 classes for every 20 hours. You are given credit for the missed classes once you watch the recordings and write up a summary of what you learned. If life throws you a curve ball and you miss more time than allowed we will gladly work with you to get you into another class at a later date.

Transfer of Credit Policy
At this time, we are not able to accept partial course credit from other organizations or
programs. Individuals with questions about this process should contact Operation Director - 866-568-4702 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Completion Policy: For the Certification paths and classes 100% completion is required and to gain NBHWC or ICF Certificates. A Certificate of Completion will be granted with attendance only.

Disability/Non-Discrimination Statement: Real Balance strives to comply with all applicable federal and state laws. It does not knowingly violate such laws in its enrollment policies, development of programs, educational activities, certification, or program funding, nor knowingly discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation, military status, age, national or ethnic origin, disability or handicap. We do our best to make our
programs equally accessible to all persons regardless of ability.

Grievance Policy: Any candidate may file a complaint with Real Balance if s/he does not feel s/he was treated appropriately or does not agree with grading results. 
When a candidate contacts Real Balance with a complaint, Real Balance will offer to resolve or mediate the issue, if possible. Real Balance faculty and staff are not permitted to release exam scores or copies of the written exam to anyone outside of Real Balance. If the candidate still feels that his/her complaint is valid, then documentation needs to be sent to Real Balance, in writing, either by e-mail or fax. Please include the scoring sheet with a complaint letter if that is the grievance.
All documentation regarding appeals/complaints is kept on file indefinitely at the Real Balance office and all students have the opportunity to submit a final evaluation where they can express their thoughts and opinions. These evaluations are used to change or alter the way we teach, hire, and or our processes. 

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