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 Wellness & Health Coach Certification Course


Purpose: This is a 40-hour (48 Level 1 hours) course designed to train health & wellness and coaching professionals and to be wellness coaches.

Structure: 40 hours are live and interactive webinar class hours or live on location.

Registration Fee: $1,595.00 (If not bundled into the Professional Wellness & Health Coach Certification - NBHWC or ICF paths)

Blending the best from the wellness field with the practical and effective skill-base of coaching, Wellness Mapping 360°™ Wellness Coach Certification training gives wellness and healthcare professionals the skills they need to help their clients make lasting lifestyle change. It is a systematic wellness and lifestyle coaching process, based on behavioral change psychology, human motivation, cultural support, and professional coaching competencies.

There is a lifestyle aspect to all health challenges and lifestyle improvement is much easier with allies. For many people their success at lifestyle change is largely determined by how well connected they are to a supportive culture of wellness around them. Healthcare and wellness professionals with wellness coaching skills can effectively guide their clients towards the lifestyle changes prescribed by the physician. The Wellness Mapping 360°™ Wellness & Health Coach Certification training provides a structured, proven methodology that effectively supports the individual’s movement toward healthy lifestyle change.

Training in wellness coaching helps healthcare and wellness professionals shift the responsibility for change to the individual. Learning to create a true alliance with their “coach”, the individual discovers how to better form needed alliances with others and ask their environment for what they need. Together the client and coach create a wellness plan that will help the client to achieve their lifestyle improvement goals in any and all areas of wellness.


Learning Objectives for the Training

  • Participants will demonstrate competence in wellness coaching skills including:
    • Co-creating the coaching alliance based on the facilitative conditions of the coaching relationship
    • Creating basic coaching structure and provide coaching presence
    • The ability to facilitate the creation an effective wellness plan (exploration, action steps and goals)
    • Active listening skills and open-ended questions
    • Ability to forward the action
    • Ensuring client support & accountability
  • Participants will demonstrate knowledge of and the ability to use "Readiness for Change" to support a clients forward movement toward health & wellbeing
  • Participants will demonstrate adequate exploration of the clients vision, desires, values and priorities
  • Participants will demonstrate knowledge of "Readiness for Change" as it applies to major health challenges and the impact of grief on the process
  • Participants will understand the role of wellness coaching in medical compliance and lifestyle medicine
  • Participants will demonstrate the use of the wellness coaching conversation in resolving client ambivalence
  • Participants will gain a working understanding of Positive Psychology and Behavioral Change Psychology as they apply to lifestyle change
  • Participants will demonstrate proficiency in the WM360º™ Wellness Coaching method of wellness coaching (Assessment & Exploration, Wellness Plan, Accountability & Support, Ongoing Evaluation, Measurable Outcomes)
  • Participants will demonstrate they understand the ethical guidelines of coaching and the influences and legal raminifications of HIPPA
  • Participants will understand the wellness coaches scope of practice
  • Participants will demonstrate being client centered and supportive of the client building self-efficacy

WM 360º™ “Wellness & Health Coach” Certification Process: Certification is achieved by successful completion of 40 contact hours of training, 2 hours of Ethics and Legal and 6 buddy coaching sessions. 

Completion Requirements: A final exam, case study report on 6 sessions with a client or volunteer, and a recording - skills review session. To ensure continued growth of the wellness coach the WC 360º “Wellness & Health Coach” Certification is renewable every three years with thirty Continuing Education Hours in a related field.


Wellness Mapping 360°™ Wellness & Health Coach Certification Training Outline

The interactive portion of this training is a balanced blend of didactic, participative and experiential training with emphasis on demonstration of skills and practice by the instructor and the participants. In addition, there are  2 hours of web-based, self-paced modeules on Scope of Services, Ethics, and HIPPA – not inclided in the outline below.


  • Overview of educational outcomes
  • Introductions and details
  • Scope of Practice and Ethics statements
  • Professionalism in coaching

Motivating Wellness from The Inside Out

  • What determines our health?
  • Foundational Theories
  • The illness / Wellness Continuum
  • Defining Wellness
  • Taking wellness one on one
  • The mind set shift
  • Applying the mindset shift to your setting

The Mindset Shift

  • Moving from “Prescribe & Treat” and “Educate & Implore” to “Advocate & Inspire”- The Coach Mindset.
  • Motivational Mindsets & Strategies for coaching
  • External and Intrinsic Motivation
  • The Positive Psychology movement
  • Facillitative Conditions of Coaching

Wellness Coaching Skills

  • Overview of coaching skills and the core competencies of coaching
    • Creating the alliance through trust, clarity and connection
    • The facilitative conditions of coaching
    • Listening skills
    • How to effectively work with Powerful Questions & Inquiry
    • Support & Accountability
  • Practice basic coaching skills as they apply to wellness work
    • How to apply Coaching Structure

Readiness For Change

  • Wellness principals for coaching      
  • Prochaskas readiness for change theory
  • Gain an understanding of how a person’s readiness for change influences their ability to change
  • Grief and readiness for change
  • Development and readiness for change
  • Applying readiness to change theory to wellness coaching and putting it to practice in your wellness work.

The Wellness Coaching 360° Methodology – Coaching Structure

            Assessment & Exploration

                        1. The value of self-exploration

                        2. Methods for self-exploration that fit in a very brief coaching opportunity window

                        3. Informal wellness assessments & formal wellness assessments

            Personal Wellness Map or Plan

                        1. The Co-creation of the wellness plan

                              Creating Well Life Vision

                              Assess current state health and wellbeing

                              Identify the gaps and priorities

                              Identify Goals & Actions Steps

                              Identify support & accountability

             Accountability & Support

                        1. The power of the alliance for support

                        2. “No loop-holes accountability” with your client

            Evaluation & Measurement

                        1. Formal & informal measures

                        2. Determining what to look for

                        3. Eliminating the internal & external barriers

            Clear Measurable Outcomes

                        1. Celebrating successes and stabilizing the positive changes

                        2. Strategizing to maintain the change

           Connections to be made for the client

Powerful Wellness Coaching Tools & Methods

      • The Self-Care Continuum
      • The Power of Habit
      • The use of MI in resolving ambivalence
      • Coaching for Stress Resiliency
      • Ways to coach through habit
      • Coaching the client in a stressful world

Coaching Clients with Health Challenges (Stress and balance)

  • The Behavioral side of medical compliance – helping your client with the
  • “Lifestyle Prescription”
  • Coaching beyond compliance
  • Specifics for recently diagnosed clients
  • Brief - Coaching people with diabetes, heart disease and other health challenges
    • Support for individuals with diagnosis
    • Support for prevention
    • Support for reclaiming

Coaching Clients with Health Challenges (Heart Challenges and Cancer)

  • The Behavioral side of medical compliance – helping your client with the

     “Lifestyle Prescription”

  • Coaching for medical compliance and beyond
  • Specifics for recently diagnosed clients
  • Practice session

Coaching Clients with Health Challenges (Diabetes, Weight Loss, Fitness)

    • Working with specific health challenges
    • Practice session
  • Coaching people with diabetes, heart disease and other health challenges
    • Support for individuals with diagnosis
    • Support for prevention
    • Support for onset
    • Support for adaptation
      • Recovery
      • Rehabilitation
      • Reclaiming
    • Practice session

Next Steps

    • Creating commitment to self & others to keep the learning “alive”
    • Completing the certification process (case study, exam)

Michael Arloski, Ph.D., PCC, CWP, NBC-HWC

Dr. Arloski is a psychologist, trainer, author, speaker and wellness coach with over 40 years of professional contribution to the wellness industry. He is CEO and founder of Real Balance Global Wellness Services, Inc. and has presented seminars, keynotes and consultations on four continents, pursuing his mission of taking the concept of wellness worldwide. He is the author of numerous articles on lifestyle improvement and has authored the Whole Person Associates books Wellness Coaching For Lasting Lifestyle Change, Your Journey to a Healthier Life, 2nd Ed., (available in English and Mandarin) and Masterful Health& Wellness Coaching: Deepening Your Craft, Paths of Wellness Guided Journal, Vol. 1.

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