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Facilitating Movement: Coaching For Health, Well-being, and Weight Management. What is the number one item that shows up in more people's wellness plan than any other health goal? That's easy; attainingistock_000003939135xsmall and maintaining a healthy weight. With the world-WIDE obesity epidemic in full swing and the consequences showing up in health risk statistics and alarming rises in heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc., it's fairly safe to say that the majority of people seeking wellness coaching are hoping to succeed at this elusive task.

When we seek out the reason people are struggling with weight issues we usually spot the very visible villains like the evil fast food scoundrels that coat everything with batter, deep fry it, and serve it up "supersized". Much can be achieved by an improved diet, absolutely. However lots of social research has revealed that there may be another baddie out there driving the obesity epidemic; sitting disease! Our ways of living and working are increasingly sedentary. Think about your own average work day. How much do you really move about? For millions of people around the globe, their work is now more focused on data and tasks done while they are stationary. Daily activity is on the decrease for adults and, tragically, for children also. Most of us spend ten to fifteen hours a day just sitting.

bikessunfowersfranceIn previous newsletters I've written about "Living Like You Were In Tuscany"and living your "Lifestyle as Art" In those pieces I expressed a desire many of us share for creating a way of living where movement is a natural and significant part of daily life. I asked you to imagine a life where you didn't have to "work" and exercising, but it was built-in to your everyday way of living. What are we learning about movement, outside of our purposeful "workouts"?

Researchers in both laboratories and out in the social landscapes are concluding that first, all movement counts toward our health, and second the real key to being active enough to make a true difference if we want to lose weight and keep it off may be all the movement we do besides that workout. Purposeful exercise is still important, in fact it may be hard to move enough in a day without it to go for actual weight loss, but the non-exercise activity is crucial.

"Exercise" is a word most of our wellness coaching clients do not like. "I hate exercise!" is a common phrase you hear from someone who struggles with weight. Some folks like certain kinds of exercise, but they usually don't do it often enough. Lots of barriers to exercise come up and though good coaching can help a person find ways over, around, under and through, it's often a real challenge.

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Tips to get moving! Here are some quick tips for your clients to help them increase activity in their lives:
  • Take the stairs. Repeat. Take the stairs, always, both up and down.
  • Walk about when taking a call on a portable phone or a cell phone. Make this a habit. The phone rings, answer it then automatically stand up.
  • Stand whenever you can. Standing burns more calories than sitting.
  • Have "walking meetings" with colleagues.
  • Smile when the parking lot is almost full. Hoof it!
  • Modern day conveniences can lead to very inconvenient illnesses. Do it the "hard way".
  • Garden and get a double health bonus of activity and great food!
  • Stretch, often at work, when watching TV, etc.
  • Explore movement that appeals to you and doesn't feel like a "workout". Explore Yoga, Tai Chi, dancing, etc. Hike more.
  • Use light hand weights and/or resistance bands while at your desk. Great if your work "traps" you for long periods of time.
  • Get involved in helping make your workplace more active-friendly.
  • Help your community have more resources for activity, fun and play and use them.
  • Get involved with younger people and let them set the pace.
  • Go green! Leave it in the driveway whenever you can. Walk or bike on your errands. Take public transportation and walk to and from it.
  • Recreate under your own power! Leave the noisy toys at home and pedal, paddle, walk, hike, or ski your way to health and a fun time!
  • Plan an "active vacation" where there is lots of walking, hiking, or perhaps something like bike riding or canoeing involved.
  • Get plenty of rest - people who are rested have more energy to move and are healthier.
Ways to Track Movement Help your clients to track their movement, to get a accurate idea of how active vs. sedentary their lives really are. Encourage experiments and create accountability agreements around those experiments.
  • Online Mapmywalk.com
  • Onine Mapmyride.com
  • A Pedometer is inexpensive and easy- count your steps
  • Journeling what you want to accomplish and what you actually do is useful
  • The GRUVE device is a device that tracks your movement through out the day, giving subtle feedback and encouragement to MUVE move more. This device is being produced by a company name MUVE, is available at the company & firtness center level and soon to be available to the general public.

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