It is important to have an opportunity to pull all the skills together and be able to use them in a real world work setting. Using the same consulting and assessment tools learned in the first AdobeStock 94500159 copy2-parts of this course, students actively engage with at least one “real-world” manager or executive in a business or workplace setting. Students will be required to do the following during this practica:

1.     Approach a potential manager/CEO leader who has some span of influence within an organizational setting. Typically, this is a person who has at least 2 direct reports and 5 indirect reports. They should also have been working in their setting for at least one year.

2.     Ask the contact to complete two online surveys: (1) Audit of Stressors in the Organization; (2) Assessment of Resilience Culture. (Takes approximately 20 minutes to complete)

3.     Meet with the contact to review the assessment and get more information to clarify responses.

4.     Create an initial report that both quantitatively and qualitatively shares results, insights, and recommendations and send that report to the contact

5.     Meet again with the contact to discuss recommendations and action steps over the next 1 to 2 weeks

6.     Meet a final time with the contact to discuss implementation updates

7.     Following from the above, write a 5-page report that summarizes the experience (similar to the final report from the class)

8.     Meet with the entire class twice during this period (90 minutes) to review progress

9.     Meet with Dr. Bennett for a final discussion of results

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