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The International Coach Federation Path (ICF)

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The Real Balance - ICF Professional Wellness Coaching Path (10/12 month plan)

Step 1: Wellness Coach & Health Coach Certification (32 contact hours) 37 ICF approved coach specific training hours

Step 2: Submit 2 recordings of coaching sessions (actual coach/client sessions or buddy coach sessions). The sessions must be at least 20/30 minutes in length. These recordings will be review and written feedback provided by a PCC with the ICF. This is required for the ICF credit and an additional fee applies if a student is not on the Professional Path.

Step 3: Advanced Wellness Coaching Competencies: Practice and Application (20 hours) 28 ICF approved coach specific training hours.

Step 4: Ten hours of Mentor Coaching with 5 of those hours being in a Mentor Coach Group and 3 individual sessions (not included in the contact hour requirement)

Step 5: For a limited time, Professional students will have the option of taking the Group Wellness Coaching class at no additional charge.

We will support you in your efforts to gain your ACC with the ICF! Bundle the registrations for the three classes and the Mentor Coaching Group and experience significant savings. Class registrations add up to $4,800.00 when registered for one at a time and when bundled into the Professional Path cost $3,800.00.  A Large savings. A ten month payment plan is available.

Individual Credentialing with the ICF

If you are interested in pursuing the Professional Wellness & Health coach Certification or in gaining the ICF ACC accreditation or the Nurse Coach Credential arrange a time to speak with us 866-568-4702 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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