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Support your clients as they make the lifestyle changes needed to be healthy and well. Learn how to work with people who want to prevent onset of a health challenge or are adapting to living well with a health challenge.  Learn coaching skills as they apply to lifestyle medical applications. Blending the best from the wellness field with the practical and effective skill-base of coaching, The Wellness 360°™ model of wellness coaching gives coaches, wellness and healthcare professionals the skills they need to help their clients make lasting lifestyle change. It is a systematic wellness and lifestyle coaching process, founded on evidenced based behavioral change psychology, human motivation, cultural support, and professional coaching competencies. On the Professional Wellness & Health Coach Certification path you learn coaching knowledge and skills that enable you to empower your clients toward optimal health and sustainable behavior change. The Professional Wellness & Health Coach Certification path gives coaches a path to advanced coaching skills and prepares you to work with clients with health challenges in many different settings. Following the wellness coaching competencies set by the International Coach Federation (ICF) this Professional Wellness & Health Coach Certification meets the standards set forth by the ICF. Once you receive your Professional Wellness & Health Coach Certification from Real Balance , you meet the training requirements to apply to the ICF to sit for their ACC Exam.

New classes begin in October, February, April, July and then repeat yearly. To see the upcoming classes available click on the link below.Someone will work with you to put your individualized path together.


At this time we only offer classes in English though we do offer the Coaching Tools and Forms in Spanish so biligual coaches can work with the Spanish Speaking population. .

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The Professional ICF Path is comprised of:

 Professional Wellness & Health Coach Certification Path - ICF Path is a 10 - 12 month professional coaching path that prepares you to apply to the ICF for their advanced credential in coaching. This is the Level 1 approved path to take the exam to gain your ACC. Taking each class 1 at a time would cost - $4,790.00. When the 4 classes are bundled into the ICF Professional Path you save and pay only $4,200.00.


Wellness & Health Coach Certification (48 Level 1 hours) - $1,695.00

Wellness Mapping 360 Methodology

  • 40 hours of interactive in class learning via webinar
  • 6 hours of Buddy Coaching
  • 2 hours Ethics / Legal - Web-based, Self-paced

Requirements: Attendance in classes, Final Exam, Buddy Coaching, and Case Study report.


Masterful Wellness and Health Coaching: Advanced Skills & Craft (28 Level 1 hours) - $1095.00

  • 20 hours of interactive in class learning via interactive webinar

Requirements: Attendance in classes, 6 Coaching Sessions with a client or volunteer - Listen to recordings using the Self Observation Tool and submit all self observation forms and coachnotes for each session and submit 1 recording to be reviewed in class, and a Professional Develop Plan. 

Personal Skills Assessment (PSA) Submit a recording that is 20-40 minutes in length to be graded

Group Wellness Coaching (28 ACSTH) - $1,200.00 : 28 hours of interactive in class learning via interactive webinar

Mentor Coaching Group - $995.00: 5 Mentor Coaching Group Sessions (7.5 hours) via webinar and 3 Individual 1 hour webinar sessions.

Final: Submit 2 recordings of wellness coaching sessions 20 - 40 minutes in length and transcripts to be graded for the ICF - $350.00


Approved Level 1 Path - Minimal Requirements:

  • At least 60 hours of coach-specific training
  • 10 hours of Mentor Coaching over three plus months
  • Documentation of a minimum of 100 hours (75 paid) of coaching experience with at least eight clients to submit to the ICF
  • 3 Performance evaluations (audio recordings and written transcript of a coach session) with written feedback given
  • Completion of the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) with the ICF
Wellness & Health Coach Certification
Masterful Health & Wellness Coaching:advanced Skills and Craft
Group Wellness Coaching

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