Masterful Health & Wellness Coaching: Advanced Skills & Craft

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Purpose: Participants will deepen their interpersonal coaching skills and better understand the individual coaching process. Moving from competent to masterful coach.

Structure: This is 25-hour course with 20 live, interactive class hours and 5 web-based, self-paced hours.

Registration Fee: $995.00 (If not bundled into the Professional Wellness & Health Coach Certification - NBHWC path)

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will demonstrate increased self-awareness and ability to self-monitor
  • Participants will achieve an improved ability to coach clients dealing with emotions and conflict
  • Participants will gain greater awareness of behavioral change theory as it applies to wellness and health coaching
  • Participants will gain increased ability to use stages of change theory when coaching clients
  • Participants will expand and enhance their coaching skills as defined by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and the NBHWC Core Competencies
  • Participants will increase their ability to provide coaching structure and coaching presence
  • Participants will gain greater understanding of how to coach clients with health challenges
  • Participants will progress toward a greater level of coaching mastery through instructor and group feedback and self-evaluation
  • Participants will be able to define major theories and behavioral change techniques and their application

Completion Information

  • Successful completion of the 25 contact hours of training (with class practice and observation sessions) 20 interactive hours and 8 web-based, self-paced hours.
  • Completion and review using self-observation form of 5 recorded wellness coaching sessions with a client or a volunteer with submission of self-observation forms
  • Submission of 1 recording for skills review in class
  • Creation of and submission of your own Professional Development Plan
  • Submit a recording for a graded review – arrange mentor coaching session to review the recording

Masterful Health & Wellness Coaching: Advanced Skills & Craft

Training Outline

The live, interactive portion of this training is a balanced blend of didactic, participative and experiential training with emphasis on demonstration of skills and practice by the instructor and the participants. The web-based, self-paced 5 hours of Living Well with Illness modules will be talked about in class.


  • Overview of educational outcomes
  • Introductions and details
  • Wellness coaching and the transformation process

Life Transformation – The Client

  • People are transforming the way they live for the rest of their entire lives, not just reducing the frequency of a targeted behavior.
  • How people transform their lives and make LASTING Health Behavior Change
  • Coaching for A Lifetime of Wellness – A Five Point Method
  • Meaning and Purpose
  • Coaching Ethics – Codes of Ethics, etc.
  • Distinguishing Coaching vs. Therapy


Transformation for the Coach: Wellness Coaching as An Integral Craft

  • What does it mean to be a craftsperson?
  • Research on developing expertise
  • FIVE KEYS TO MASTERY – George Leonard
  • Self-mastery for the coach.


Being and Doing

  • Being in the Coaching Process
  • The Coach’s Personal Wellness Foundation
    • What centers you in your life?
  • Centered, Grounded And Aware
    • The Tao Of Wellness Coaching


Co-Creating the Coaching Alliance

  • Coaching Mindset
  • Awareness – internal and external
  • Mindfulness
  • Coaching Presence - Providing the Facilitative Conditions of Coaching

Coaching practice

Co-Creating the Coaching Alliance

  • Dancing In The Moment
  • Self-Disclosure
  • Collusion
  • The Coach Holds the Structure for the Clients Agenda



When Coaching Isn’t Easy

  • Client-Centered Directedness
  • Self-Deception and Living Well
  • Aikido Moves: Coaching the Difficult Client
    • Coaching the Reluctant Client
    • Seven Expressions of Courageous Coaching


Advanced Coaching Skills and Methods – Increasing Awareness

  • Deepening Active Listening Skills
  • The Fine Art of Coaching Questions
  • Linguistics and effective coaching Refining Coaching Linguistics: Verbal Tics, Placeholders and Fingerprint Words
  • Appreciative Inquiry– the coaching mindset and the Power of Positive Questions

Coaching Practice

Framing, Reframing and Perspective

  • Explore the nature of perspective
  • The Use of Metaphors and Analogies in Coaching
  • Reframing
  • Creativity in Coaching
  • Coaching with Tools


Forward Momentum

  • Productive Exploration
  • Sharing Observations – Saying What Is So
  • Forwarding the Action
  • Designing Actions – The Wellness Plan

Coaching practice & exercise

Coaching Through the Internal & External Barriers to Change

  • Examining belief systems, etc.
  • Process Coaching - The Great Utility of Coaching in The Emotional Realm
  • How to coach through emotions and respect the therapeutic boundary
  • Compassionate Detachment
  • Exploring limitations

Coaching Demo & Exercise

Lasting Improvement In Health Behavior

  • Co-Creating Lasting Lifestyle Improvement
  • Integrating the Treatment Plan and the Wellness Plan
  • Coaching for Self-Efficacy Lessons from Albert Bandura For Wellness Coaches
  • Lasting Professional Development for The Coach
  • Review of Leonard’s Five Keys

Exercise and Coaching Practice

Self Determination Theory and the Trans Theoretical Model

– Readiness for Change in Health Coaching

  • What we know about Motivation
  • Understanding TTM as a continuum
  • Using TTM in Health Coaching Across the Readiness Continuum
  • The many uses in Health Coaching Across the Readiness Continuum


Motivational Interviewing and techniques for resolving ambivalence

  • Identifying the language of ambivalence
  • Facilitating a shift in perspective
  • Working with Sustain Talk
  • Working with Change Talk
  • Shifting from Evoking Change to Planning

Exercise and Practice

Resolving Ambivalence

The conversation for change

  • Change Talk
  • Shifting from Evoking Change to Planning
  • Fish bowl coaching
  • Small group work


Coaching People With Health Challenges

  • Case Study reviews
  • What holds true when coaching people with any health Condition
  • Review of Living Well With Illness modules ( In class review of the 5 modules viewed online)

Coaching Practice- Observations

  • COACHING PRACTICE – Observations & Feedback
  • Review
  • Completion Requirements & next steps

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