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Join Real Balance Global Wellness Services Inc. in its mission to spread inspiration and keep people healthy. Teach people how to make a visible impact on patients’, clients’, or employees’ wellbeing through wellness coaching.  Inspire your organization to have healthier employees, improved productivity, morale, and healthcare savings. Experience measurable, rewarding success every single day!

Overview: A WM360° Licensed Trainer may train Wellness/ Health Coaches within their organization or apply to work directly with the RBGWS to provide services worldwide.

To maintain quality and to ensure the “Industry Certification Standard” is being met, Real Balance GWS maintains the role of the certification body. Materials must be purchased(A Materials License maybe available to qualifying Educational Institutions)

Benefits: All Licensed Trainers have access to the RBGWS Trainer Center, new training materials, and the ability to train others within their organization or in some circumstances to work in partnership with RBGWS.The license and the trainer portfolio belong to the Licensed WM360 Wellness Coach Trainer and moves with them as they change employment.

Pre-requisites: Current Wellness Mapping 360°™ "Wellness & Health" Coach Certification in good standing. By invitation or application. To receive the application email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Facilitator: Dr. Michael Arloski

Registration Fee = $1,695.00:The cost of registration includes; 21 Contact hours of training,

Mentor Coaching sessions, Training Portfolio, Training Power Point Presentations, monthly support calls, and access to an abundant support library.

Requirements to become a licensed WM360°™ Trainer:

  • Certification as a Wellness Mapping 360°™ "Wellness & Health" Coach in good standing
  • Successful completion of the Wellness Mapping 360°™ Licensed Trainer "Train the Trainer" Event (21 hours)
  • Sign the License Trainer Agreement
  • Complete the "Wellness & Health Coach Certification" class and the “Masterful Health & Wellness Coaching: Advanced Skills & Craft” class
  • Meet with a 360°™ Master Coach a minimum of 4 sessions during the first trainer year. Develop, review and update a WM360 "Wellness and Health" Coach "Success" Plan with your Master Coach (cost included in the Licensed Trainer Event registration fee)

Requirements to maintain the Licensed WM360°™ Trainer Status:

  • Maintain continued development as a trainer by teaching or co-teaching a minimum of 1 training a year in the three years.
  • Attend the annual Trainer webinar to gain insight into changes in the field and the content.
  • Arrange meetings with your designated training guide prior and after your training sessions.

Trainer Responsibilities:

  • Keeping accurate records
  • Assuring each training participant has new materials provided by RBGWS (unless materials license is in place)
  • Assuring evaluations are completed
  • Processing certificates & certifications with RBGW
  • Quarterly reports as requested

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will demonstrate knowledge of Adult Learning and its affects on educational formats
  • Participants will demonstrate knowledge of group dynamics as it applies to the educational process
  • Participants will demonstrate the ability to successfully facilitate a group
  • Participants will demonstrate the knowledge of and the ability to teach wellness coaching competencies
  • Participants will demonstrate the knowledge of and the ability to teach the Wellness Mapping 360 wellness & health coaching methodology

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