Course Descriptions

Wellness & Health Coach Certification (32 hours)

Offered either live on location in a 4 day format or via interactive webinar
The Wellness & Health Coach Certification core training is a 32 hour certification program designed for the participant who want to add wellness / health coaching skills to their existing professional education. The Wellness & Health Coach Certification Training Program is a deep, interactive training opportunity delivered either live on location, or via interactive webinar. The program is designed to train and certify health, fitness, and mental health professionals and wellness professionals as wellness and health coaches. 

Professional Wellness & Health Coach Certification (10/12months) 

This option begins with and builds on the 32 hour core class
While the Real Balance - core Wellness & Health Coach Certification training program provides core skills to help health professionals become competent health and wellness coaches, this advanced 1 year program gives coaches a path to masterful coaching and accreditation with the International Coach Federation.  Students on the Professional Coach Path deepen their coaching skills while gaining advanced credentially.  If you are interested in the Professional Wellness & Health Coach path just let me know and I can send you more information.  The registration for each class on the Professional path would cost over $4,800.00 and when we bundle it into the Professional path is $3,800.00 and we offer a 10 month payment plan. You would be given a Mentor to work with you to create your plan and be your touch stone.

The classes bundled to create the Professional path Include:

  • Wellness & Health Coach Certification (32 hours)
  • Group Wellness Coaching (20 hours)
  • Advanced Wellness Coaching Competencies: Practice and Applications (20 hours)
  • Mentor Coaching (10 hours)

Advanced Wellness Coaching Classes

Advanced Wellness Coaching Competencies: Practice and Applications (24 lives hours - 4 hours selfpaced)

The emphasis of this class is on deepening the use of the core coaching competencies as defined by the ICF, application of the foundational theories of health coaching, wellness coaching practice and feedback. Advanced coaching topics will also be covered. 

Participants need to have completed a "Wellness & Health" Coach Certification program or be NBC-HWC coaches

Group Wellness Coaching (28 hours): 

Further develop your coaching skills by adding the skills needed to provide wellness coaching to people in a group setting.

Laser Coaching

(8 live hours with 4 hours self paced = 12 hours) Learn a laser Coaching process to effectively work with people in time limited situations.

Diabetes Education for Wellness Professionals (12 self-paced hours)

Wellness professionals learn about diabetes and pre-diabetes and how to work as a health coach with peopel with the disease.

Mentor Coaching Group (10 Hours)

This is a very experiential group where each person works on the core coaching competencies they need to work on. There are 5 group mentor coaching sessions and 3 individual one.  This meets the ICF requirement for mentor coaching.

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