Though we do not charge extra for Certification there are added requirements to becoming Certified as a Wellness and Health Coach. To acheive this distinction you must successfully complete the final exam (70% or better), 5 buddy coaching sessions, a written casestudy (pass/fail), and submit a audio recording of a health coaching session for review (pass/fail). To protect the integrity of the certification only 2 webinar classes or 4 hours of classes may be missed.

Once certified you may use the credentials CWHC after your name and our certification seal.

Certification is granted in 2 year blocks to ensure the continued growth of our CWHC coaches with documentaiton of 20 contact training hours in a field related to health coaching. Certified health coaching professionals are extended a 60 day grace period after the expiry date to apply for recertification. To recertify CWHC coaches must submit a completed Coach Renewal Application with documentation of the required 20 hours of continuing coaching education and pay the required application/processing/ mailing fee.

You can renew using the link below.


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