Structuring Great Wellness Coaching Sessions

Structuring Great Wellness Coaching Sessions

This is a  3 module, Self-Paced Class.

Join Dr. Arloski and Learn how and when to hold the structure of a Wellness Coaching session.

The Importance of Co-Creating the Coaching Relationship with Our Client
1. Emphasizes client autonomy.
2. Makes the client an equal partner in the designed alliance as well as session structure.
3. The client owns the content; the coach owns the process.
4. Agreements are collaboratively created and mutually agreed-upon.
5. Puts the client in charge of his or her successes and failures.
6. Creates client buy-in and ownership of his or her action plan
7. Activates our trust networks in the brain (the oxytocin effect)
8. Increases our ability to empathize
9. Increases the perception of being seen, heard, and appreciated
10. Increases a sense of safety/allays any threat/fear response (i.e. being judged, experiencing shame, the fight or flight response).
11. With increased safety, empathy, and trust, both coach and client can ‘lean into’ the relationship more and more (take risks, swing out, trust more).
12. Sets the foundation for the client to do ‘the work’
13. Takes the coach ‘off the hook’ for having to know what is best for the client and having all the answers - while facilitating trust in the client and trust in the process.

Class Date 02-14-23
Individual Price 125.00

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