Professional Wellness & Health Coach Certification (NBHWC)

On the NBHWC approved Professional Wellness & Health Coach Certification path you learn advanced coaching knowledge and skills that equip you to empower your clients towardAdobeStock 99868510 optimal health through sustainable behavior change. This a comprehensive program that equips you to identify when your client is ready for change and help them initiate steps toward their goals. The advanced coaching skills you learn will help you guide your clients through the change process using positive psychology and powerful questions that help them better understand how to move forward and meet their goals to achieve desired, sustainable behavior change. You will learn new tools and techniques to use with your clients and help you feel confident in your ability to empower your clients throughout the coaching process towards greater health and wellbeing. The Professional Wellness & Health Coach Certification path gives coaches a path to advanced coaching skills and prepares you to work with clients with health challenges in medical or health related settings.

The Professional Wellness & Health Coach Certification Path Includes the following for 1 all inclusive price:

  • Wellness Mapping 360°®Wellness & Health Coach Certification (38 hours)
  • Healthy Living and Chronic Illness (15 hours self-paced, online)
  • Masterful Wellness and Health Coaching: Advanced Skills & Craft (28 hours)

Class Date 11-10-20
Class End Date 06-30-21
Individual Price 2,640.00
Location Webinar

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