Positive Psychology and Wellness Coaching Mastery Class

Pre-requisite: “This class is open to those who have completed the Wellness  & Health Coach Certification training or with approval"

June 26th – September 4th, 2018

Meets 10 Tuesdays 12pm – 2pm Eastern, 11am - 1pm Central, 10am - 12:00pm Mountain, 9am - 11am Pacific

In this 20 hour class you will explore the connection between wellness coaching and positive psychology. In this cutting edge class learn the researched techniques that support positive living, gain valuable tools, and deepen your wellness coaching skillset.

What is positive psychology?      

Positive psychology is the empirical study of optimal human functioning and wellbeing. Rather than focusing on pathology, disease, and mental illness, positive psychologists scientifically examine what is going right in life, and are particularly interested in discovering the causes and correlates behind flourishing people, organizations and communities.

Sometimes mistaken for “happy-ology”, positive psychology researchers do not simply focus on peak experiences or positive emotions. They recognize that in order to thrive we also need to dedicate our energy to understanding how we might embrace the full landscape of human experience, both positive and negative. Thus positive psychologists areas of interest are broad and include topics such as courage, creativity, mindfulness, compassion, wisdom, hope, resilience, meaning, goal setting, motivation, love, somatic practices, and more.

Why is positive psychology important for wellness coaches?

As the wellness coaching industry evolves we are seeing a rising interest in higher standards of professionalism, and ethical practice. Organizations, and individual clients, want to know that coaches are using empirically supported tools, techniques, and are engaging in best practices. Fortunately, the science of positive psychology seems to be a natural fit to answer this call. By validating much of what wellness practitioners and coaches have been talking about for decades, as well as by asking new questions and developing cutting-edge interventions, positive psychologists are building a research-backed foundation on which wellness coaching can likely stand for the foreseeable future.

In essence, learning about tools and research from positive psychology will:

  1. Provide you with a better understanding of the theoretical and empirical foundation for many wellness coaching practices
  2. Give you cutting-edge tools and techniques to use with your clients
  3. Will set you up to be a more informed, competent, and effective coach

Course content:

In this 6 week master class you will receive an introduction to the science of positive psychology, will explore the intersection between positive psychology and wellness coaching, and will learn practical tools and best practices from the new science of wellbeing that will support you in becoming a more effective coach.

Additionally we will continually explore how everything we are learning can be integrated into the 360 Wellness Mapping Process developed by Dr. Michael Arloski, Ph. D. This will give you a structured, yet flexible, road map for using these cutting-edge tools and techniques with your clients that you can’t get anywhere else!

Topics covered in class:

-Intro to Positive Psychology

-The new science of mindsets




-The latest science behind goal setting, motivation, and willpower



-Meaning in life

-High quality connections and positive relationships

-Somatic practices (using the body to become our best selves)

Class Date 06-26-18
Class End Date 09-04-18
Cut Off Date 06-26-18
Individual Price 995.00
Location Webinar

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