Advanced Group Wellness Coaching Practicum

Advanced Group Wellness Coaching Practicum

 July 9th -  August 27th   (8) Thursdays, 7:00pm - 8:30pm EST
Pre-requisite: “This class is open to anyone who has completed the group wellness coaching class"

This is a 12 hour Group Wellness Coaching Practicum delivered via interactive webinar.

Webinars are interactive and the closest to being in a live classroom. You hear and see the instructor and can ask questions and have them answered in real time.


This hands-on, interactive class is designed for Health & Wellness coaches who have taken the Group Wellness Coaching Essentialscourse to take them deeper into the nuances of group coaching, while providing the accountability, and planning tools you have come to expect from the Real Balance experience.

The Advanced Group Wellness Coaching Practicum provides Health & Wellness Coaches with the opportunity to practice and receive real time feedback on their own group coaching skills during the classes. Each coach will lead the class participants through a group coaching process and will receive feedback on their skills. It is also ideal for practicing virtual group facilitation and coaching.

Training Outcomes

While providing an opportunity to practice your own group coaching facilitation, and receive feedback on it this class will give you the opportunity to:

·       Explore and try-out different group coaching interactive and experiential exercises

·       Learn from the perspective of being a participant in a group as well as from the perspective of leading a group·       Receive and share ideas for both virtual and in-person group delivery

·       Assist you in building your unique platform

·        Learn more coaching exercises!

Certificate of Attendance:A Certificate of Attendance will be given at the end of completion of the class.





Class Date 07-09-15
Class End Date 08-27-15
Cut Off Date 07-08-15
Individual Price 599.00
Location Webinar

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