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globebeltIt is a great time for wellness professionals and wellness programming! The world is becoming more aware of how lifestyle choices affect the onset and the course of most diseases and this acknowledgment combined with the need to hold down medical costs has moved Wellness Programming center stage.With this new focus Real Balance Global Wellness Services llc is being asked to grow. We are looking for Wellness Coaches, Wellness Coach Trainers, Writers, Spokes People, and Stories to help us in our endeavors.

  • Wellness Coaches: We are being asked for a list of Wellness Coaches trained in the WM360 model and are developing a current Wellness Coach referral list. If you have successfully completed both Wellness & Health Coach Certifications, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to give her your current information and asked to be added to the list.phonecoach
  • Wellness Coach Trainers: We are developing a small but mighty team of trainers to work closely with Dr. Michael Arloski to train others in the WM360 model. If you are interested in being a trainer please see the Train the Trainer Certitication being offered this October.
  • Writers: If you like to write and would like to have a column on a specific topic or niche area we are interested in talking to you. Become part of the tea m!
  • Spokes People: We would like to cultivate a group of people who are comfortable talking with others and who will help us spread the word about wellness coaching. We are looking for Wellness Coaches from differing professional niches. If this sounds like fun let us know.
  • Stories: Peoples lives unfold in stories and we want to gather some of the stories that demonstrate wellness coaching and the wm360 method of wellness coaching successfully supporting change in peoples lives or in wellness programs themselves.
Complete Training Schedule pdf

Wellness Mapping 360 "Wellness Coach" Certification (20 hours)

8/3/09 - 9/2/09 - 12pm - 2pm est (M/W) webinar
8/25/09 – 10/1/09 - 7pm - 9pm est (T/TH) Teleconference

Wellness Mapping 360 II "Health Coach" Certification (12 hours)

August 4th – August 20th 12-2pm est (T/TH) Teleconference
September 14/09 - September 30/09 - 12-2pm (M/W) webinar
Wellness Mapping 360 "Train the Trainer" Certification
(16 hours)
Become a Wellness Mapping 360°© Certified Trainer ! This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Pre-requisites: “Wellness Coach” and "Health Coach” Certifications

* Webinar format October 27th – November 19th – 12-2 est (T/TH) or
* Live format – October 1st & 2nd in Colorado

Miramont Lifestyle Fitness & Real Balance Global Wellness Services are joining forces to offer Wellness Coach Certification on Location in Colorado! -

WM360 "Wellness Coach" Certification

Miramont Lifestyle Fitness Center- Fort Collins, Colorado September 24th & 25th Th/Fri


$975.00 - registration includes course manual, digital tool kit, snacks and drinks daily, two day pass to the Miramont lifestyle Fitness Center, and the book Wellness Coaching for Lasting Lifestyle Change. Help with travel arrangements is available.

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