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Announcement - Real Balance GWS Has Been Approved as a Transition Program for the National Consortium for Credentialing Health & Wellness Coaches(NCCHWC)!

"The National Consortium for Credentialing Health & Wellness Coaches is delighted to announce that Real Balance Global Wellness has qualified to become an Approved Transition Program per the NCCHWC's standards. As a result, health and wellness coaches who have met NCCHWC's requirements and completed the Real Balance Global Wellness Services Inc. Program will qualify to sit for the national exam to be launched in 2016. The NCCHWC is in a time of deep collaboration with health and wellness coach training programs that are working diligently towards creating a national standard which will help further professionalize and advance the field of health and wellness coaching."  
Leigh-Ann Webster - NCCHWC

The National Consortium has embarked on a path toward national training & education standards, coach certification, and a collaborative coaching research strategy.

michaelaspen1In 2010, co-founded and co-led by Real Balance GWS CEO, Michael Arloski, the National Consortium for Credentialing of Health and Wellness Coaches (NCCHWC), comprising 75 industry and academic leaders, all volunteers, came together to build standards and legitimacy for the role of professional health and wellness coaches across the healthcare, allied health and wellness spectrum. A second important agenda is to integrate basic coaching skills into the work of all health professionals who assist patients struggling with lifestyle-related chronic disease.

Five years of NCCHWC volunteer collaboration and consensus building, following best practices, has delivered a national certification for health and wellness coaches, and national accreditation of health and wellness coach training and education programs, to be launched in 2016

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Join Dr. Joel Bennett for the second class in the Resilience to Thrive Individual Coach and Organizational Coach Certificate




Pre-requisites:  Completion of either the individual resilience coaching class or Dr. Bennett’s “Resilience and Thriving” facilitator training are preferred but NOT required prior to registration for this class. Students should contact Dr. Bennett directly if they have questions about credentials that may be relevant to this course.

This certificate training is for those professionals within either a human resource, wellness, health, or coaching-related professions. Students will acquire skills and tools for assisting individuals and organizations to enhance their resilience and thriving capacity.

The Resilience-to-Thriving Organizational Coaching course is designed primarily to:

  • help individuals who want to enhance their organizational consulting skills and who want to learn tools, approaches, and
  • to integrate consulting skills for organizational-level with supervisory, managerial, or executive resilience skills.

The course is formatted as a seminar with students presenting reading summaries in each class. We also use a peer-to-peer “mock” case study. Students will pair up with another student and take turns completing assessments and coachsulting each other through those assessments.

Note. The course materials can help students to expand their perspective and develop tools to assist clients who are in managerial or leadership positions. This is ideal for a person working in an organization or one who wants to in the future.


Objectives for Advanced Course (as a result of this training, participants will be able to…)

  • Identify both theory and research on implementing a team-level or organizational-level resilience initiative
  • Identify work-related stressors and various evidence-based approaches to dealing with those stressors
  • Utilize organizational-level audits on resilience and provide consultation
  • Identify their own competencies as a champion for wellness/resilience in their own or their client organization
  • Increase their self-awareness as an authentic leader
  • Provide basic coachsulting skills when working with clients (individuals, teams, workplaces)
  • Identify and practice basic elements of process consultation
  • Identify and apply relevant research on workplace thriving

Pre-requisite Note. Completion of either the individual resilience coaching class or Dr. Bennett’s “Resilience and Thriving” facilitator training is NOT required prior to registration for this class. Students should contact Dr. Bennett directly if they have questions or concerns about credentials that may be relevant to this course.

CONTINUING EDUCATION – (Class time plus work outside of class) 14 CEUs

Approved for continuing education for HR, EAP, NBHWC, CHES, ACSM

Six 90 Minute Sessions – meets every 2 weeks


The final report requires working with another individual (class member) in crafting a case report or mock case-report where you apply concepts and skills from the class. This final report is meant to demonstrate that students have (a) combined three different competencies into a single report and (b) created an integration that also shows experience and mastery of knowledge. The three competencies:

  1. Ability to apply specific ideas and concepts from all readings to a review and understanding of the case and the recommendations you make to your case/client
  2. DETAILS FROM DATA. Your ability to show specific details about the client’s situation and their own unique sets of risks and strengths using as much data as possible.
  3. PERSONAL REFLECTION AS A CONSULTANT. You sharing about your own personal evolution as a result of and through the process of this course and the assignment


SIX 90 Minute Sessions – meets every week for 6 weeks

Note. Students divide up the work on readings and present a report on each reading in teams of two or three. Students are encouraged to read all assignments. Each student is responsible for weekly report on only one reading.


  • The Process Consultation process
  • The Process: Assess (needs, readiness, climate); Adapt; Design; Evaluate
  • Confidentiality
  • Thriving at Work: The Research
  • Understanding organizational climate, culture, resistance
  • The “We” in Wellness and Multi-cultural resilience
  • The “Suck it Up” Resilience Trap
  • Tools and Exercises

Assignment 1 Readings

  • Reading 1:RESILIENCE 3.0: multi-level approaches are essential
  • Reading 2: HUMBLE CONSULTING (pages inclusive of preface, chapter 1, chapter 2)
  • Reading 3: THRIVING UNDER STRESS (Britt & Jex) (introduction, chapter 1, chapter 5)
  • Reading 4: HEART-CENTERED LEADERSHIP (foreword and chapter 1)
  • Reading 5: WELL-BEING CHAMPIONS (up until page 23)


  • Student Team Reading Reports
  • Positive Effects of Stress at Work
  • Application of Positive, Humanistic, and Transpersonal Psychology
  • Personal Energy
  • Fatigue and Restoration (Introduction to Fatigue Risk Management)
  • Failure to Thrive at Work
  • Introduction to Core Assessment Tools
    • Stress Audit
    • Culture of Resilience

Assignment 2 Readings and Exercises

  • Reading 1:HUMBLE CONSULTING (Chapter 3)
  • Reading 2:HEART-CENTERED LEADERSHIP (Chapter 2 and 3)
  • Reading 3: THRIVING UNDER STRESS (Britt & Jex) (Chapter 2 and 3)
  • Complete Core Assessments for Self

SESSION 3: YOUR CHAMPION COMPETENCIES (Bennett “Well-Being Champions”: A Competency Based Guidebook)

  • Student Team Reading Reports
  • Basic Resilience Competencies for Wellness Coordinators
  • Well Being, Resilience, Self-Efficacy
  • Tools and Exercises
  • Preparation for Meeting with Classmate/Partner to Review Assessment

Assignment 3 Readings and Exercises

  • Reading 1:WELLBEING CHAMPIONS (pp. 24 to pp. 64)
  • Reading 2: THRIVING UNDER STRESS (Britt & Jex) (Chapter 4 and 5)
  • Reading 3:HEART-CENTERED LEADERSHIP (Chapter 4 and 5)
  • MEETING 1. Meet with Peer to review feedback and practice

SESSION 4: YOUR JOURNEY OF HEART-CENTERED LEADERSHIP (Steinbrecher and Bennett “Heart-Centered Leadership”)

  • Student Team Reading Reports
  • Management, Leadership, Heart-Centered Leadership
  • Virtues and Principles that Support Resilience
  • Working Through Problems, Failures, Crises
  • Consulting with Leaders
  • Tools and Exercises

Assignment 4 Readings and Exercises

  • Reading 1: In Well-Being Champions, read pp. 92-93 only on Wellness Climate.
  • Reading 2:Review all "What This Means for Managers" short-read boxes in the book. For example, Chapter 1 has three such boxes (pp. 11, 13, 15); Chapter has three (pp. 29, 32, 39); and so on.
  • MEETING 2.Meet with Peer to review feedback and practice

SESSION 5: Champions, Managers, and Resilient Culture

  • Student Team Reading Reports
  • Begin Reporting on Mock Case Study


  • Finish Reporting on Mock Case Study
  • Final Report Questions and Insights
  • Final Sharing

OTHER READING (articles provided via PDF at no cost)


Bennett, J. B., Weaver, J., Senft, M., & Neeper, N. (2017). Creating workplace well-being. The Handbook of Stress and Health: A Guide to Research and Practice. Hoboken, New Jersey: Wiley-Blackwell, 570-604.

Bennett, J. B. (2018). Integral Organizational Wellness™: An evidence‐based model of socially inspired well‐being. Journal of Applied Biobehavioral Research23(4), e12136.

IJntema, R. C., Burger, Y. D., & Schaufeli, W. B. (2019). Reviewing the labyrinth of psychological resilience: Establishing criteria for resilience-building programs. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research71(4), 288.

  • Attendance at all Six sessions (90 minutes each)
  • Meeting twice with a coach buddy from the class to work an exercise (60 minutes each)
  • Coordinate with class members between classes to present mini-reports on readings in class
  • Complete a 15 item pre-and-post survey
  • Write 5-10 page "Mock" case report (double lined) explaining their key insights and take-aways
  • Completing and MOU and agreement surrounding confidentiality and representation



  • Heart-Centered Leadership (Steinbrecher & Bennett)
  • Raw Coping Power (Bennett)
  • Humble Consulting (Edgar and Peter Shein)
  • Copies of all slides used in the training
  • Access to recordings used in the training
  • A roster of all participants
  • Access to online proganizational assessment tools for use in the course
  • Periodic one-on-one meetings with class instructor


Students are required to purchase:

Thriving Under Stress: Harnessing Demands in the Workplace by T.W Britt & S.M Jex. Oxford University Press, USA.


The Cap Stone to the Resilience Coachsultant Certificate program. Learn how to put the skills and tools learned into practice.

Complete the  “PRACTICUM” option following the Advanced Resilience course to learn how to apply the skills learned to a real-world case study. 

The PRACTICUM involves TWO SESSIONS (plus assignments)

9 Continuing Education Hour

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